Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do you like the tast of coconuts?

So the kids really wanted us to bring a coconut home from the Bahamas. We were going to try and smuggle one into the states but decided that we didn't want to be detained all due to a coconut. We actually found one on the ground down there and had it in our room to pack, but decided against it. In hindsight, I am glad we did. So Rebecca bought one from the store this week and we cracked it open this morning. The kids were so excited and even more excited to hear me say, "Stand back kids, this could get dangerous." I hacked at it and we drained the milk out first. Then they got to try it.

Noah is the most adventurous about trying things so he went first. They scraped the inside and he tried it and didn't really like it. You can see his reaction in the next picture.

Not so much. He also tried the milk and gave me a look of dissatisfaction.

I was surprised that Jacob tried it since he had been watching Noah, but he did and he almost gagged, which is definitely the Jacob I know.

Jonah was almost sure he was going to like this, but he too, was perplexed by the taste.

As you can see, Jonah is the one in the family who has a background in drama. He really didn't like it and then chased me around the house because he thought I was playing a trick on him. I explained after eluding him that sometimes real coconut doesn't taste like the store bought flakes with sugar sprinkled all over. Another day of experiencing new things.

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Hannah Snelling said...

Those pictures are priceless! They must all take after their mother in the coconut department! Reba hates coconut!