Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Noah!!

Noah turned 5 on August 1st. We have picked up a tradition in our house that you get to pick out a box of any cereal for the day of your birthday. All of the kids get into it putting in their two cents, but only the birthday boy or girl gets to make the final decision. Noah decided on cookie crisp. I didn't even think he knew what it really was but a cereal made with cookies, that was the choice for him. The kids get so excited for that box of cereal. Noah started the day with his cereal and then went off to VBS for his last day. Rebecca sent cupcakes for his class, which turned out to be fun for Noah.

After VBS was over, Noah, his brothers, and two of his friends, went to Chuck E. cheeses. Noah was dying to go there, so we caved and went there. They had a great time. What a full week with VBS and Noah's birthday.

Anyone who knows Rebecca may not know that she is competitive by nature. As you can see by the picture, she was beating Noah at the time. Jacob is usually the one in the family that does the best at this game. They ran for two hours. They had a great time and it was exactly what Noah wanted to do.

The end of the party at Chuck E. Cheeses!

Noah always has the best smile. You can tell when he is having a blast. It shows right through. Can't believe our baby is now 5. We have been telling him this past year that he was not allowed to ever turn 5.

That night, we went out to Azteca with both of his grandparents for fajitas. Noah got a little scared when they came out singing in Spanish and put the big sombrero on him. He got embarrassed and turned red. He loved it though

Aunt Hannah was able to come over before she left on a mission trip and celebrate with Noah. He loves his aunt Hannah.

Noah tried the chocolate mousse, something he has never had before. He thought it was better than cake. He is such a good brother, sharing his mousse with everyone. Not always easy for a five year old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!!

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