Sunday, July 27, 2008

24 hour men's camping trip

The kids were so excited to go camping with only the men on Friday. We went up to Twano state park in the Hood Canal. It was beautiful up there. The kids were all like sponges, soaking up every aspect of camping. It was a non-stop frenzy of events and activities. We went hiking, set up tents, went swimming, fishing, crabbing, roasted marshmallows, had chili dogs for dinner, and learned all the in's and out's about tent camping.

Jacob and I shared a tent, so he got to set up ours, with help. It was a big deal for him hammering with the other side of this hatchet. He did a great job setting the tent up.

Jonah, Noah, and my dad shared a tent together. Noah woke up in the night screaming for "Dad" because he didn't know where he was. My dad calmed him down, but it was strange to hear him call out throughout the campground in the middle of the night. I am sure a lot of people rolled over in the night cursing that child screaming.

They had a really cool 1 1/2 mile trail that went a long a creek. We hiked the first day and the kids all did great, even Noah, who wore his flip flops. I think I must have told him 50 times to put his shoes back on. He loves walking around with no shoes on, everywhere we go.

This was one of the stop off's we took on the trail to rest since Noah's feet hurt from his flip flops. he wouldn't admit that shoes would have been better, he just said, "I need a new pair of flip flops." Little stinker.

We went fishing the first day after dinner. The kids have just loved fishing. Anyone who konws our boys knows that they are busy. When they fish, they will sit still for 2 hours, just casting, and looking in the water for fish. It's great. Jacob stole my dad's hat and ended up wearing it for fishing the entire time.

When I was "packing" for the kids (really just throwing clothes in a bag), I thought it would be great to bring one of Noah's older sleepers for warmth. Once we put it on him, it was way to small for him and he said, "Dad, the sleeper is hurting me." At first glance, it did look a little small, so we dressed him in his clothes for the next day and he slept in those. Anyone who knows Noah realizes this was a big deal for him to give up his sleeper, because he loves them. He wanted to try and wear it, but after a few minutes, he was too uncomfortable.

"The old man and the Sea" Jacob, sitting on the dock fishing for hours. The second day, they sat there for 2 1/2 hours fishing and they did end up catching 16 fish between all three of them, all of which we threw back. They didn't care. They had a great time catching them and learning to unhook them and throw them back. Everytime someone caught one Jacob said, "hit it over the head with a stick"

This was Noah in the early morning eating a chocolate donut and enjoying the fire.

Truth be told, Jonah did catch about 9 of the total fish, and he would be the first to tell you so. He is very competative and never wants his younger brother to do better than him.

Noah said, "I caught my first fish the same time that I went camping for the first time." He says this with such enthusiasm and excitement. He also said, "I am so proud of myself."

Jacob's big catch of the day...Can you see it?
Some of the great quotes of the trip were as follows:
"Does a feather come from a feather tree or a bird?" Noah
"I am still trying to figure out what all of this camping stuff is all about." Jonah
"How do you tell the difference between a male and female crab?" Jonah
"Jonah, you have to be patient if you are going to ever want to catch a fish." Jacob
"Is it alright if we eat two hotdogs when we are camping?" Noah
"Aren't we going to use soap to wash those dishes pappa?" Jonah
"Camping is a lot of work at the end. I wish we had mom here to take down the tents." Noah
"Pick up the marshmallow and dust it off, it's fine." Dad
"No wrestling near the fire pit, watch where you swing your fishing pole, careful not to hook anyone else with your fishing pole, what is that on your hands?, wipe it off on the grass." those were from dad. We had a great time and we are going again in about two weeks.

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