Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Rebecca!!!

Since Rebecca has been a mother now for the past 8 1/2 years, we thought it fitting to throw up some pictures and talk about how great of a mother she really is. As the kids and I talked, they came up with all of the great things mom has done for them, but we also talked about what type of mom she is. She is patient, kind, loving, gentle, attentive, supportive, fair, humble, playful, and works hard everyday to make our home a relaxing place to be. She is our mom.

She doesn't shy away from hard work. One statement you never hear her say is, "I can't do it."

She has been known to mow the lawn, pull weeds, tear down drywall, tile bathrooms, scrape ceilings, hang doors, use a nail gun, carry a couch on her back, shovel poop, organize the garage, make dinner, do the laundry, transport kids, is an advocate for her children, and work on top of all the other daily tasks. The role of mom has really changed over the years, and she has really met the challenge head on. Mom is incredible!!!

We have had incredible times on vacations. Good memories of hauling kids on our shoulders through different cities around the United States.
She always tries to help her children experience life to the fullest. She takes the time to teach them about different cultures, always talking about tolerance. She is their hero.

When I asked the kids what they love about mom most, Noah said, "Her smell and all of her hugs". Jonah said, "I love her hugs and kisses." Jacob said, "I love that she comes in and prays with me in the night when I have a bad dream."

One thing I love about Rebecca is her patience with the kids and how calm she is with them. Having three, rambunctious boys is not an easy task to take on and she has done it with grace. I love her tenderness and how that rubs off on the boys. I love how she takes time out of her day to play games with the boys, talk with them, and listen to them. God knew what he was doing when he put these three boys in our family. He knew she was equipped with a big heart. We love you Mom. Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

***"I love mom because she plays soccer with me in the front yard."-Noah
***"I love to snuggle with mom at bedtime and have "talk time"--Jonah
***"I love to rub mom's cheeks while I sit on her lap"-Noah
***"I love mom's kisses"--Jacob
***"I love how mom makes me feel better when I hurt myself, andit happens a lot"-Jonah
***"I love how mom wraps me up in a blanket like a burrito"-Jonah
***"I love how mom scratches my head when i am falling asleep" ( I slipped that one in-Robb)
***"If I was a girl, I would go with mom to get a pedacure"--Noah
***"I love that she is interested in all of my projects"--Jacob
***"I love how she prays with me at bedtime, cheek to cheek."--Noah
***"I love her back scratches"--Jonah

Thank you mom, we love you. Jacob, Jonah, Noah, and Robb--All of your boys


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being such a wonderful Sensaria Mom. You are the best any girl could ask for!

Anonymous said...

Not only are you a great Mom to the boys, but you are a wonderful Sensaria Mom. You are the best. Thanks Rebecca!