Saturday, December 22, 2007

Giving back

We have been trying to think of something we could do this month to give back. It is a drop in the bucket, but we decided to give food this month to the local food bank for Central kitsap. The kids kicked their own money in and so did we. We first called the food bank and asked them what they wanted so that we could buy things that are helpful instead of just canned goods. Jacob and Noah and I went to the store today and bought what we had decided upon. We all drove down to the food bank and dropped off the food. All the kids helped bring in the food and then they weighed it. We gave 83 pounds worth of food, which didn't mean much to the kids until we said it was more than the kids weighed individually. It was great to do, but we know that they need food all year long. We talked about picking something as a family that we can all do each month to help out. This is one thing that we could do each month as a family, not just in December. We have asked the kids to pray about this and come up with any other ideas they can think of and then we can decide starting in January. You never know what God may put on their heart for the next year. Merry Christmas everyone.
The LeRoy Clan

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sdhastings said...

That is so neat!!!!!!! I am so blessed to know such an amazing family!!!