Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas events all month long

Reindeer in the headlights. I caught Jacob during one of his 30 minute gameboy sessions. I don't even think he knew where he was when I called his name.

A RARE moment when I found Jonah reading to Noah. It is the kind of moment you hope for your children to have more than once a year. Jonah loves reading and Noah loves when his big brother reads to him. I am sure that when I left the room, the tackling and beatings began again, but for one moment in time, it was peaceful.

Brownsville Elementarys' music teacher was brave enough to work with 50 first graders and put on a Wintertime Holiday play-trying to be politically correct. Jonah got the part of Papa Snowman, which he was thrilled about. He practiced his lines with Rebecca and while at school and he ended doing an incredible job. He was stoned faced through the entire performance, but he never missed a beat with his lines. Afterwards he said, boy was that stressful. He is the one near the piano with Mama snowman.

When I was sitting there and the curtain went up, I busted up laughing at the glasses and the hat. It was perfect for Jonah. He wouldn't look at me for fear of losing control. He told me afterwards that at future performances, I would have to sit to the side so he couldn't see me.

He started looking a little bit bored and tired towards the end. It was his second performance of the day and he was just waiting for the cast party afterwards--he wishes!
It concerned me a little bit for him to have the microphone with a large audience, but it all went just fine.

Cool Mr. Jonah with the hot, sticky, Snowman suit on.

Rebecca had been at the school helping the kids with their lines and getting some of the props for the stage. You all know how much Rebecca loves getting up in front of a room full of people at a school event. She was able to get all of the Christmas trees donated. I think it is safe to say that she was also glad that the play was over even though she had a great time helping out.

On Saturday, December, 16th, we went over to Southcenter area for a family reunion of sorts with Rebecca's side of the family. This allows us to see Mark's side of the family at least twice a year, which is great. Jonah was first in line with Great Grandma as she cut the first piece of pie. We all love her pies and of course the conversation too. We always have a great time connecting with the family and finding out what everyone is up to. As we grow, more are getting married and hopefully, having children too.

Rebecca and I went shopping all day on Friday and stayed up until midnight that night wrapping gifts. On Saturday morning, I found the kids all around the tree sifting through the gifts, talking about what they thought we had gotten them. It was very fun to sit back and watch who took the lead and who followed along cautiously. Jonah was right in there yelling out names on the tags. It was fun to watch. By the way, they have no idea what they are getting because Santa hasn't delivered all of the gifts yet.

Tonight, on Monday, we went to the last of the Christmas school events at Noah Preschool, Creative Connection. Noah was in front of the line, which we all thought was great. I ran up to take a picture and this is the face he shows me. This picture fits Noah perfectly. He had his rubber band, red tie on, his paper candle, and his tongue hanging out for all to see. That's my boy!

He did such a good job singing and remembering to do the hand motions. We have all been to a lot of these events over the years with all the boys. Even though we have memorized the songs and schedule of the performance, it is still so fun to see Noah getting to do this now. For years, he went to the church watching Jacob and Jonah, always so excited for them. It was fun to see him up there this year.

In this picture, it seems like he is done. All of the excitement leading up to the finale was probably just too much for him to deal with. The boys with the candles, and the girls with their angel wings. There is bound to be a catastrophe.
Now, just a week away from Christmas eve, we can enjoy this reason for this season, Jesus Christ. Looking back over these pictures, I can see God in each one of them smiling down on us from above. We are His children.
Merry Christmas! The LeRoy Family 2007

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